Support Local Project: December 2021

Support Local Project: December 2021
December 31, 2021 Marco Mion

Every week for the year 2021, instead of purchasing a treat from the grocery store, I have decided to support a local business by trying out their food, drink, service or product they have to offer. Although I haven’t posted all the local businesses that I have supported, I’ve consciously and where it made sense tried to shift my spending at local businesses throughout the year. I will continue this effort into 2022 personally and at work.

Here is a recap for the local businesses that I’ve got to support this past December:

Supply and Demand

Always great coming back for (late) birthday dinner!

Anthony’s Pizza

Inside Edge beer and Anthony’s pizza on a Friday night

Inside Edge Beer and Diavolo Pizza

Norda Running Shoes

Running through the winter last year with no grip shoes and barefoot shoes got a little dicey.

I was looking for a shoe with traction, that would be functional from the street to the trail. I stumbled across Norda and I’m glad I did!

These shoes also doubled down as my personal reward for running a 5KM and 10KM run every month in 2021!

Pearl House

Haven’t been here since I lived with my parents! One of my favourite Cantonese and Szechuan style restaurants.

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All the best in 2022.