My 2021 daily active challenge

My 2021 daily active challenge
January 15, 2022 Marco Mion

Last year 2021, I made a goal with the help of my Apple Watch (and the blessing from my wife to commit my time to this) to work out or do an activity or mobility for at least 30 minutes a day, burn a minimum of 420 calories and stand up at least once in each waking hour of each day for 365 days.

Here is what I learned:

  • Some days were much harder than others, especially after long bike rides, power workouts, and long runs.
  • It is easy to make excuses, so I committed to outdoor workouts in rain, cold, snow, etc. I took on the ‘no bad weather, only bad gear’ mantra
  • The activity is more fun if you include family or friends
  • Off or rest days would be nice. Active recovery days, including mobility or yoga, are not exactly, doing nothing!
  • On most active days my activity was much longer than 30 mins
  • Felt energized after each workout
  • Routine made it easy to schedule each day
  • Neglected some other hobbies that I enjoy doing
  • It made it easy to make bad excuses for food choices because I would say I’m working out the next day.
  • I consumed more food, it was hard to keep up sometimes.
  • Apple designed a great motivating product that made me accountable.
  • Zwift is the only video game I play! Join Me on Zwift

Going forward, into 2022. I took 7 full days of doing absolutely no workouts, including cycling. I did get out hiking, walking and did some mobility just to keep loose.

My plan is to work out or stay active every second day. If I do a big bike ride the next day is most likely only going to be mobility or stretching. I plan to do at least a 45-minute to an-hour workout so I am maximizing my time.

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