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  • Digital Sea

    adrift in an open sea.

  • Business Wisdom

    Some good wisdom for business. Strategy a.. Emotions, when mixed with unbridled greed, produce economic disasters. b.. Land eats three…

  • Allez Up – Montreal’s Indoor Climbing Gym

    When I visited Montreal at the beginning of February, we ate brunch and took a snowy trek through the city…

  • Las Vegas to California 2013

    August 2013, 5 friends, 3 nights in Las Vegas, drive across the desert, 5 nights in California.  

  • The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

    I just finished listening to this book after it was recommended to me at a safety conference I attended. I…

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    “As your company grows bigger and more complex, you’ll need standardized formulas for keeping up with your business’s and employees’…

  • Halifax in a 16 hour drive

    As some of you may know I went to Halifax a few weeks ago with my band Sharks! I didn’t…