Halifax in a 16 hour drive

Halifax in a 16 hour drive
April 4, 2011 Marco Mion

As some of you may know I went to Halifax a few weeks ago with my band Sharks!
I didn’t really know what to expect at first as it was the first time traveling with 6 other dudes in a stuffy van all the way to the East Coast of Canada!
Originally we were going to be really busy playing a show every night we were out there, sleeping in the van driving around etc. It slowly turned into 7 day party. We had a show the on Wednesday March 16th in Ottawa @ Maverick’s bar which went really well and was the kick off to our mini tour! The original plan was to pack the van right away and start driving. That plan lasted a whole 10 minutes after we were done playing, people started drinking and getting pretty excited for our trip. This lead to us going to Zaphods until 3am. Lucky me I offered to be the first to drive. Making a pit stop at McDonald’s and the gas station we set out on our journey at 3:30am (Thursday morning!)

I stocked up on energy drinks, caffeine pills, trance, and dubstep to keep me up until 10 or 11am. I’d drive all of Quebec and finally finished in New Brunswick where Terry or Cam took over. I was pretty disoriented so I don’t really remember. I took it upon myself to get as much sleep as I could in the bunk so I could party that night for St. Patty’s day! I passed out for the rest of the way there and took over for the downtown driving.

We figured we go out with a bang and get a hotel for the night. Made it to Alehouse that night and each individual had quite the adventure!

We played four shows total and did a lot of hanging out and partying! Cory, the second day we were there mentioned that he knew a couple sweethearts from Ottawa and they kindly offered their apartment to us for 4 nights in a row! Everyone in Halifax was super nice to us, from the lovely ladies at Starbucks, to every kid who showed up to our shows and sang along or bought a merch item.

We got to tour around downtown Halifax and eat at a few good restaurants just to keep our mercury levels at a nice level. Best restaurant we went to was Boneheads BBQ – Kickin’ Southern Smokehouse. Hands down the best portions and flavours. Drink of choice between the band was probably Motts Extra Spicy Caesars. I think we averaged a four pack each a night, not counting if we had one at dinner or lunch! (Motts pleasssee sponsor us, we love spicy caesars!)

One cool heritage site we saw was Pier 21 (not the bar) but where my grandparents came in by boat in 1954. It was the main passage way for many immigrants who we’re looking to start their lives at that time.

Even though we didn’t play as many shows as we wanted to I think it was an amazing opportunity to see Halifax and spend some traveling time with the band! Hopefully we’ll be back in the summer!
The drive home was a bit like the first with more beats and coffee!




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