24 hours in Prince Edward County

24 hours in Prince Edward County
August 23, 2022 Marco Mion

Sasha and I planned a kid-free, one-night getaway in Prince Edward County.

Snacks and drinks we consumed and recommend:

Beer and chill courtyard: Matron Fine Beer

Beer and Pizza: Midtown Brewing Co

Beer and views: Slake Brewing

Slake Brewing taps

Dinner date plans: Flame + Smith

Flame + Smith: Seabass

Coffee and baked goods: Piccolina Mercato

Simming and relaxing: Wellington Park.

Views and swimming: Narrow St. and Water St. 

Delicious Sandwichs and more: Flossie’s Sandwich Parlor

Going in on The Hogfather

We were gracious to our hosts at Wellington Willows B&B for accommodating us.

Lake View