An Unforgettable Ski Trip to Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

An Unforgettable Ski Trip to Kicking Horse Mountain Resort
December 17, 2023 Marco Mion

A breathtaking mountain landscape, fresh powder snow, the sound of skis gliding on the slopes, and endless laughter with friends. That’s what my friends and I experienced on our ski trip to Kicking Horse Mountain Resort from February 23rd to 27th 2022. With three days of epic skiing, delicious food, endless laughter, and a couple of memorable nights in town at local restaurants, it was a trip to remember. I will take you through my experience of our adventure in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.

Day 1: The Journey
Our journey started flying from Ottawa to Calgary. From Calgary, we loaded a sprinter van with our gear and drove to Banff. We stopped at the Distillery Park Restaurant and Bar for a bite and some drinks. (I highly recommend if you are in the area – be sure to try the espresso vodka part of the “Park Spirits” made locally) After lunch, we headed to the grocery store to pick up supplies and continued to Golden, BC. The majestic mountains surrounding us were a sight to see. The chalet that we stayed at offered a cozy atmosphere and stunning views, conveniently located beside the mountain, we took advantage of the ski-in and ski-out.

Day 2-4: Skiing and dining in Paradise
The main highlight of our trip was, of course, the skiing. Kicking Horse is known for its challenging terrain and “Champagne Powder”, making it a paradise for both skiers and snowboarders. Over the next three days, we explored many of the various trails, tackling everything from the groomed runs to black diamond slopes, to some hikes up to Ozone and Terminator peaks. Hiking was a first for me, let alone skiing in the Rockies, so everything felt very new. One of the standout moments was conquering the iconic Terminator Peak, a steep and un-groomed slope that tested my skills and courage.

In the evenings, we ate delicious meals and planned out the following ski days. One of the nights we ventured into town and dined at Eleven 22 Restaurant.

There were stories, laughs, drinks, skiing, hot tub sessions, and camaraderie during this trip, which made it special and a core memory. For the first ski trip to the Rockies, it made me want more.

During the ski days, I skied with a helmet-mounted GoPro Hero 6 to capture some of the runs and to show my kids some of the terrain I covered. I pieced together some clips of raw footage for memory which can be viewed here: