If I could, I’d be where you are.

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on the hill

This is one of my favourite pictures. It wasn’t planned just like why I was on that trip wasn’t planned.

It just sort of happened.

For me meeting people in different cities, states and countries is one of my favourite things about travelling. Lately I’ve been travelling more which means meeting more people. I try to stay in contact with everyone I meet or spend time with on my travels. Some people don’t get how to do this. I look at it as a positive thing. If I wanted to go to Virginia like I did in this photo I could, because I knew someone that I met back in high school on my grad trip in Mont Tremblant. Keeping in contact with that person made me want to visit them.

Lately all I want to do is travel because there isn’t much going on around here and it seems like everyone is drifting. Am I running away? I don’t think so… I just want to experience new places, new friends, people that like the same things I do and appreciate me for who I am.

If I could I’d be where you are.


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