British Columbia Ski and Surf 2019 Part 1

British Columbia Ski and Surf 2019 Part 1
January 25, 2020 Marco Mion

This trip was one of my highlights for 2019. I remember during the planning phases prior to this trip. I sent the itinerary to my brother Carlo and him being like, yeah I think we can do it all in five days.

Our goal was simple; ski and surf in the same trip.

The trip went something like this:

Day 1: fly into Vancouver late Wednesday night. Carlo is waiting at the airport to pick me up and drive to Whistler.
Day 2: ski an afternoon
Day 3: breakfast at summit/first tracks, ski all day, sunset beers, top to bottom the last possible run down.
Day 4: wake up super early, catch early ferry to Vancouver Island, groceries, hike in the pouring rain in Tofino, fancy dinner at the closest restaurant to our Airbnb (I believe it closed down so I can’t recommend.)
Day 5: surfed Chesterman’s Beach, beers on the beach with friends, drive to Vancouver
Day 6: Bike the Vancouver seawall, catch flight back to Ottawa

I was super thankful for this trip and super thankful for my bro who was down for the adventure.

Part 2 visuals will out soon.